• hair grow oils Shakthi herbal hair oil 50ML


    Hair Oil Creation of new cells, to generate new hair on the place of thin hair on the scalp and control the pre matured baldness below 30 years. And also helps the absorption of the principal micronutrients from the blood to supply papilla which contains blood vessels thereby enhancing hair growth. Our Shakthi herbal hair oil indeed is a boon to humanity in present days of false and superior remedies rampant in the market. A genuine Ayurveda product based on ancient scriptures and texts. thorough research for decades in a devoted Ayurveda family for two generations had brought about this wonderful remedy for all hair problems. it is a combination of genuine herbs, roots, bulbs, flowers, and leaves as well as several other basis and fossils. During head massage of Shakthi herbal hair tonic on the scalp the unique ingredients penetrate the blood nervous which is supplied to hair follicles to dissolve the blood slots block in the nervous and also helps free movement of blood circulation in the nervous which is kept at the dermis and subcutaneous layers on the skin thereby it helps the control of hair fall.



    211.00 2% off 189.90

    hair grow oils Shakthi herbal hair oil 50ML

    211.00 2% off 189.90

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