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Maha bringaraj tailam(Baidyanath) 200ML


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Maha bhringraj Tel is pure Ayurvedic chemical free nourishing hair oil in india, made scientifically with goodness of Bhringraj, an herb which is known in Ayurveda as ‘Keshraj’- king of hair,which helps your hair grow longer and healthier.

The tail is prepared by Traditional Ayurvedic methods (Tel-Pak vidhi) with a combination of 15 valuable clinically proven herbs dipped in pure Til tail (Sesame oil). This process with till tel as base oil will help to extract the entire medicinal qualities from the herbs giving us potent Mahabhringraj tel. Regular gentle massage of this therapeutic hair oil on the scalp will help control hair fall, strengthen hair from their roots, and is a helpful remedy for Dandruff.

It’s a 100 % Natural formulation free from mineral oils, No silicone, No synthetic colors and fragrances

Prevents Hair fall

Helps get rid of Dandruff

Strengthen hair from their roots and promotes hair growth

Nourish your hair naturally by adding extra shine and lustre to the dull and lifeless hairfor hair growth best solution

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